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Antonio Sarasa-Cabezuelo

Antonio Sarasa-Cabezuelo obtained an MSc. degree in Mathematics from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), a BSc. degree in Computer Science from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), and a MSc. degree in Computer Science from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. He is very close to getting his PhD. in Computer Science from the Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence Department (Facultad de Informática, UCM). Currently, he is a Lecturer at the UCM's Computing Systems and Computation Department.

His research is focused on the language-oriented development of XML-processing applications, and on the development of applications in the fields of digital humanities and e-Learning.

The research results of Prof. Sarasa have been published in over 50 research papers in conferences and book chapters. He collaborated with RED.ES in the construction of AGREGA, the first federated repository of learning objects built in Spain. Currently, he is a member of the AENOR CTN 36 committe.